When In Doubt, Ask A Pharmacist

Meeting Your Pharmacist

What do you think of that person behind the counter in the white coat? What is their purpose?
These are questions everyone has. A pharmacy is this entity where small pieces of paper (your prescriptions) go in, and a bottle with pills comes out. Does that sum up the majority of the public’s perception of a Pharmacy?

The mystery lies between those steps. Originally the Pharmacy was where drugs were
compounded or made from bulk ingredients. There were no pharmaceutical companies in the
beginning and Pharmacists made elixirs, solutions, to pills and suppositories. These could be
ordered by a Physician or just made to treat common ailments. As society progressed and laws
were put in place, we now have the modern Pharmacy you see today.

An interesting side note. The modern day sodas such as Coca cola and Dr Pepper were
invented by Pharmacists. Most pharmacies in the late 19 and early 20th century had soda
fountains in them. People could stop by, have a drink or ice cream and just socialize.

Old Pharmacy

Now back to my question, who is my Pharmacist. We are your neighbors, mothers, fathers,
sons and daughters. We are people who choose to work in the world of medicine. We are the
gatekeepers to public safety. Our main job is not to just put a “label on a box” but to ensure the
medication prescribed by your physician is correct for your diagnosis, does not interfere with
other medications and is safe. Safety for our patients is our highest concern.


Thankfully technology is very helpful tool in a Pharmacist handbag. It allows us to research questions you may have when you visit the Pharmacy or call. Technology allows us to process the increased number of prescriptions over the last 30 years and to feel confident the possibility of interactions are addressed and resolved. Again safety to the public is our motto.

Have a question? Please reach out!

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